EL RINCÓN DEL BESAYA is a typical mountain cottage in the valley of Cieza: one of these houses is similar in one of those villages quiet but close to everything, halfway between the mountain of Campoo and the districts of the coast. An environment full of things to see and enjoy, where native forests, mountain, Romance and tranquility of its rivers and hills shake hands at a pace of the city and their services.

EL RINCÓN DEL BESAYA have always lived a commitment to conservation and promotion of natural and human resources over many centuries have enriched Cantabria. There are many things to do other than the best known, and they are there waiting to be discovered in its beauty sometimes not so disclosed. So we are not satisfied with just offering a little something different, but also provide tourist information.

PT: entrance, kitchen with dishwasher, office, bathroom, living room, porch with table and wood stove

FIRST FLOOR: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and balcony

SECOND FLOOR: Attic with trundle bed and TV.

TOTAL 10 UNITS (9 + 1 seater sofa / bed).